7 Healthy Breakfast Menus to Boost Your Energy

7 Healthy Breakfast Menus to Boost Your Energy

7 Healthy Breakfast Menus to Boost Your Energy

Busy morning isn’t a reason to skip a healthy breakfast. A healthy menu is important to boost your energy so that you can spend your day energetically. Whether you’re old or young doesn’t matter. Everyone needs a healthy menu to start the day. Here are seven delicious and easy to cook breakfast menus you must try.

1. Savory oatmeal with an egg

Oat is one of the best diets because it contains a high number of soluble fibers. If you don’t like the plain oatmeal, make it savory with olive oil, salt, and ground black pepper. Stir the savory oat with water or milk. As for the topping, you can add fried or scrambled egg and chopped nuts. Add sautéed veggies if you like. It takes 25 minutes to prepare and cook this menu.

2. Tofu and egg scramble

If you don’t have much time to prepare breakfast, get an easy menu with tofu, egg, and veggies. Chop the veggies and scramble the tofu and egg. Mix them together in a pan, add chopped baked potato for a perfect result. Serve your breakfast with sauce.

This tofu and egg scramble can be cooked in less than five minutes but is healthy.

3. Fruit salad

Fruit salad is, of course, an easy to prepare healthy breakfast. To make your salad tastes good, mix at least three different textures of fresh fruit. Use the crunchy fruits like apple and pear, combine it with semi-soft and soft fruits like grape and peach.

As for the dressing, you can go with lime-honey dressing. The dressing is healthy and refreshing, a perfect choice to boost your energy. This menu can be prepared only in fifteen minutes.

4. Orange and blueberry Bircher

To have delicious Bircher in the morning, you need to soak oats with boiling water the night before. Add the zest of the orange to your oats and leave overnight.

In the morning, add yogurt to your soaked oats and stir it. Obviously, it only needs a minute more or less. To make your breakfast menu more energy-boosting, add chopped oranges and a handful of blueberry.

5. Avocado toast

Avocado toast is made from rich in nutrients avocado and bread. Make sure you choose a healthy bread, such as whole wheat and sprouted grain bread. If you’re sensitive to gluten, choose a gluten-free or grain-free bread.

The preparation is very easy. Mash the avocado and add it to the toasted bread. Sprinkle the olive oil, salt, and red pepper flakes. It only takes five minutes or less to make this dish.

6. Crunchy granola with berries and cherries

Your next healthy breakfast menu is the crunchy and healthy granola. Mix oats, peanuts, sesame seeds in a bowl, then add oil and honey to the bowl. Stir and bake your granola for 25 minutes, then serve with mixed berries and cherries.

7. Smoked salmon and asparagus omelet

It takes 25 minutes to prepare and cook this breakfast menu. You need to cut and cook the asparagus with olive oil and seasoning. Make the omelet, place the scattered asparagus and smoked salmon on it, roll, and serve.

These seven healthy breakfast menus will boost your energy. Which one do you want to try first?


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