7 Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Must Recognize

7 Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Must Recognize

7 Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Many people don’t realize the early stage symptoms of lung cancer so that they come to get treatment when the condition has become much worse. Before something like that happened to you or your loved ones, beware of these seven symptoms as they may sign that there are cancer cells in your breathing organs.

1. Long-standing cough

The most common cause of a cough is flu and allergy. However, if you have coughed more for 2 or 3 weeks and the condition isn’t getting better, you need to be cautious.

A long-standing cough is one of the symptoms of lung cancer. A cough is a result of the irritation caused by cancer cells on your lungs. If you face this condition, you must see your doctor for further examination.

2. Chest pain

People with lung cancer often feel pain in their chest. In the beginning, the pain only happens when you a cough. Sometimes the chest pain occurs suddenly which makes people assume it’s a symptom of heart attack. As the condition worsens each day, you will also feel pain during breathing. The pain may also spread to your back.

This symptom is less common compared to other symptoms of lung cancer on this list. There are fewer lung cancer patients who experience such pain.

3. Coughing up blood

If you haven’t been aware of lung cancer when you experience a long-standing cough or even chest pain, you can’t postpone going to doctor if you start to cough up blood. Coughing up blood is the most apparent symptom of lung cancer, even though a further examination to make a precise diagnosis is needed.

4. Breathing Difficulty

One of the symptoms of lung cancer is the breathing difficulty. When you feel hard to breathe after workout or sports, it’s normal—even more so if the condition is only temporary. However, if you have breathing difficulty when you walk a little or even stay still, you should go to the doctor and get an examination.

5. Fatigue or lack of energy

The American Cancer Society reveals that fatigue or lack of energy is also a symptom of lung cancer. People with lung cancer feel tired even when they only do their normal daily activities. The tiredness is also very persistent so that they will feel fatigue all day long for several days. Sometimes it only gets better after treatment.

6. Asthma

Asthma isn’t always a symptom of lung cancer, especially if you are diagnosed with it since young. However, if you’re diagnosed with asthma when you’ve become old, you must beware of cancer lung as asthma is considered a new symptom of the disease.

7. Rapid weight loss

People with lung cancer likely experience a rapid weight loss. Sometimes, it happens because they lose their appetite, while the other times, the weight loss cause is unexplained. If they don’t get treatment immediately, they can easily become underweight.

Those are seven symptoms of lung cancer you need to beware. Acknowledge the symptoms will help you to avoid late diagnosis.


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