All About Stage 4 Liver Cancer


Like others, the stage 4 liver cancer is indeed the worst grade or condition of the disease. Patients are likely to suffer lots of troublesome health issues. Not to mention their survivability is quite low due to the ineffectiveness of the treatments. Before talking more about it, it is better to learn about the disease. Liver cancer is a condition when cancerous cells attack the liver and start growing over time. Some symptoms are low of appetite, significant weight loss, pain in the stomach, vomiting, fatigue, yellowish skin and eyes, and many others.


Understanding Stage 4 Liver Cancer

Now it is time to talk about the stage 4 liver cancer. As mentioned before, it is the most severe condition or advanced form of the illness. When patients are at the stage, cancerous cells have already spread to the liver and nearby organs. The worst case is that those cells might spread to bones and lung as well! Moreover, any types of treatments seem useless when patients have reached such stage. Apart from a test done by the doctor, patients can find out they are at the 4th stage by observing the symptoms. So, what are they?

The clearest symptom of stage 4 liver cancer is the gradual weight loss even without any diets or trying. Perhaps the reason is that patients lose appetite that decreases every day. The next symptom is tenacious nausea. Patients keep vomiting and it becomes a daily significant trouble. The next day, they feel so weak and lose the will to do any activities. Some of them might suffer fever and troublesome pain, as well. The other symptoms are swollen abdominal and enlarged liver.

Is It Impossible to Treat?

The question is whether patients still have the chance to cure or treat stage 4 liver cancer or not. According to some experts, the treatment depends on several aspects including complexities of cancer, patients’ health, age, and the will to survive. Some doctors might recommend a surgery as long as the location and size of the cancerous cells. That means they won’t do the surgery if it is way too risky. The next recommended treatment is radiofrequency ablation. The purpose is to overcome hepatic artery blockage. Some drugs and chemotherapy are required in some cases.

A stage 4 liver cancer is called the deadliest phase of the disease. What about the survival rate of the patients? Unfortunately, it is quite low. According to the data, it is less than 5%! No wonder, patients often feel hopeless when they have already reached such stage. The only ways to increase the rate of survivability is to improve the will to survive and conduct proper treatments over time.

In summary, cancer is always threatening as it can grow rapidly over time. The 4th stage is the most troublesome as the cells might spread to nearby organs as well. Even though treatments are possible, they seem ineffective! When it comes to life expectancy, patients are only able to withstand it for about 5-7 months. This estimation of stage 4 liver cancer solvability depends on patients’ conditions, though.


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