Another Way to Help You Fight Cancer: Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative cancer treatments

Alternative cancer treatments

Alternative cancer treatments are another solution for you who have signs and symptoms caused by the cancer you are having. These alternative cancer treatments will not have a direct impact towards your cancer. Some symptoms caused by the cancer can lessened by these treatments such as anxiety, nausea and vomiting, pain, stress, and sleep problems.

Do alternative treatments really help?

You can combine the most efficient complementary treatment and alternative cancer treatments together with the treatments you are receiving from your doctor. Doing this may help you to relieve the symptoms mentioned above, which are related to you cancer and treatments. Try to talk and consult to your doctor to check what kind of treatments that works best for your condition and symptoms.

Keep in touch with your doctor to ensure the balance between traditional medication and the alternative treatments. This is because the alternative treatments, such as acupuncture which have an effect to reduce nausea or pain, don’t have the power required to replace your mandatory medications coming from your doctor.

Kinds of alternative treatments for cancer


A certain types of pain will be removed caused by your cancer or treatments. It also have an effect to relieve nausea caused by the chemotherapy. During the treatment, acupuncture practitioner will insert tiny needles in specific spots on your skin.


This treatment will use fragrant and scent to give you calming and relaxing sensation. Oils usually infused with scents like rose or lavender to be used during a massage. Fragrant oils or candles can be used as an aromatherapy. Another way is adding aromatherapy liquid in a water and takes a bath. This treatment helps you to relieve nausea, pain, and stress.


This treatment will help you to relieve several signs and symptoms alongside with strengthening your overall physical condition so you will have a chance to live longer and have higher quality of life. Gentle exercises are proven to relieve fatigue, stress, and reducing sleep problems.


Hypnosis is a kind of sleeping therapy, where you will be hypnotized to help you reach calm and relax condition. Then, the therapist will give you some suggestions regarding your cancer, resulting in reduced pain and stress.


The therapist will help you to relieve tension on your body by kneading your skin, muscles, and tendons. Massage can help you to reduce some pain caused by your medical treatment and it also reduces your stress. There are many kinds of massage and you should consult to your doctor to know what massage suits you best.


Meditation will help you to reduce stress and improve your health through mental training. A healthy mental condition is full of positive thought, making it easier for you to cope with your cancer and reducing anxiety.

Tai chi

Tai chi is where gentle movements and deep breathing meets. It can be done by yourself or you can go to a class with a professional instructor. It will greatly reduce your stress and promoting higher mental health. You can search video or books related to it if you want to do tai chi at home.


Yoga is a mix between mental and physical exercise that will help you achieve better overall health condition. There are a lot of yoga moves so you should see you doctor to know what is the best type and movement of yoga that suits your needs.

By reading this, I hope that you will have a better chance to survive from cancer. After all, alternative cancer treatments are there to make you felt easier in coping with the cancer.


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