Anti aging Skin Care Tips of All Times

Anti aging Skin Care Tips of All Times

Anti aging Skin Care Tips of All Times

Anti aging skin care is probably what people want and need right now. Everyone wants to have young and fresh look but meanwhile we do the activity everyday yet we grow older and older in every day. Some people would choose makeup for their backup but it does not answer the question. Makeup just works to cover what you have, not keeping it in the best condition.

But actually we can do so much better. There are several things you can do in order to keep you skin in the best condition. It also helps you in maintaining your skin in early times rather than using drugs later. Other than that, drugs and surgeries have harmful side effects. So, it would be better if you stay away from those two things. So, here are our tips for you.

Apply the retinoid every night

Retinoid is a good stuff for your skin. It will hydrate your skin and keep it stretch. Well, gravity is a thing that cannot be denied. As your age goes by, the gravity will hunt you like a vampire. This is why you need to taking care your skin before the gravity caught you. Retinoid contains vitamin A that is really good for your skin. It also stimulates the collagen production, get rid of wrinkles, and make acne stays away from your skin.

In the night, you do not need the sun screen but retinoid is essential to keep the health of your skin. You can avoid surgery just by applying this stuff in every night.

Sunblock is critical

If in the night you will need retinoid, in the daylight you will need sunblock or sun screen. It is really important and critical. The sun has ultraviolet that will destroy your skin from the inside. If you like to go out when it is daylight, it is important to find the sun screen with good SPF. SPF-30 is the minimum number you should apply. Other than that, you better find ones that contain the zinc oxide. It protects you from sun much stronger than the ones without zinc oxide.

If there are dark spots on your skin, it indicates the skin damage by the sun light. It is better to find the retinol that contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is the great substance that will boost the process of getting back the natural color of your skin. Combination of vitamin A and vitamin C will force the wrinkles, enlarged pores, lackluster skin, and pigmentation stay away. Besides, do not wait until you see wrinkle to apply retinol after all.

Hydrate your skin with lipids

Rehydrating and replenishing your skin can be so important too if you want to stay young and look good in your 50s. This is why you need to “touch” the space between the cells of your skin by giving the combination of lipids. Lipids will help you to moisturize the skin and you also have to eat fat from fish for natural anti aging skin care.


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