Causes of Stroke and Some Effective Prevention that we can do to stay Away from this Disease

Causes of Stroke

Causes of Stroke

Most causes of stroke can be prevented by changing your life style to a healthier one. Meanwhile, there are some stroke risks that cannot be changed such as the condition like if you ever experienced the TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or heart attack, having the family members with stroke disease history and if you had already 65 years old or more and having some other diseases like diabetic, hypertension or having high cholesterol level.

Knowing some kinds of strokes is the best way to gain more information about what cause a stroke. That is why; below we will try to reveal the types of stroke.

1. The Ischemic Stroke

This stroke happens when the blood flow to the brain is stopped because of the blood clot. This blood clot causes the cholesterol clot. Some conditions that have the worse impacts for blood vessel and can trigger the ischemic stroke are such as the hypertension, high cholesterol level and un-controlled diabetic. It will be getting worse if someone was having obesity, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, having family with heart attack or diabetic history and many more.

2. The Hemorrhagic Stroke

This stroke is happened when the blood vessel at brain captures and causing bleeding condition. High blood pressure is the main cause for this stroke. High blood pressure can be weakening the brain’s artery it can be easier to capture. Some causes of stroke especially for this stroke is some habits that can raise your blood pressure like smoking, rarely having exercise, drinking too much alcohol and obesity. Trauma or head injury is also the other cause of the hemorrhagic stroke.

Those are two kinds of strokes. So, what are the best ways to prevent stroke? The best ways are having regular exercise, eating the nutritious foods, do not drinking too much alcohol, no smoking and avoid yourself from stress. Besides that, if you had some diseases that can trigger the stroke like diabetic, heart problem, hypertension and sleep apnea, please ensure that you get the right treatment to cure those diseases.

Stroke can be also prevented through your dietary habit. Bad foods are main causes of stroke and it is better to avoid some foods with high saturated fat and salt like cheese, cakes, biscuit, fish oil, nuts, grains, fatty meat and many more. The right dosage of salt consumption every day is 6 gram or a tea spoon of salt every day. Some foods that are recommended for having a healthier life are foods that contain the un-saturated fat, protein, vitamin and fiber. We can get that nutrition from vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low fat meat like the chicken breast.

Those are some information about the causes of stroke and how to prevent that disease. We hope that this information is beneficial for you. The key for preventing the stroke disease is by having the healthier life style and dietary habit. Ensure to always consume the healthy and nutritious foods and having the regularly exercise in your life.


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