Health Partners Urgent Care Best Health Care Clinics for Patient with Minor Condition


Health Partners Urgent CareHave you ever heard about Health Partners Urgent Care ? Actually, Health Partners Urgent Care is so useful for you who need health care. Not only that, Health Partners Urgent Care has many benefits for us. Read the information until finish to know about Health Partners Urgent Care.


What is Health Partners Urgent Care?

Health Partners Urgent Care clinics provide treatment for minor conditions or condition that is not life threatening condition. It means if you get minor injury, you can visit Health Partners Urgent Care to receive best medication. But if your condition is severe and included into life threatening condition, you have to call 911.

Some of you may want to know the location of Health Partners Urgent Care. Actually, Health Partners Urgent Care clinics located in 15 area, such as Virtuwell, Apple Valley, Como (St.Paul), Arden Hills, Hugo, Eagan, Riverside, Nokomis, Mpls, Andover, Riverway, Anoka and Woodbury. The clinics are always ready to give best service for patients. Here what you can expect from Health Partners Urgent Care:

  • Walk-in Care

Health Partners Urgent care clinics provide walk-in care. No appointment needed, so you can visit Health Partners Urgent Care whenever you need the service of Health Partners Urgent Care clinic.

  • Open 7 Days a Week

Whenever you get injury or feel unwell, you can visit Health Partners Urgent Care. The clinics open 7 days a week and ready to give service every evenings, weekend and holidays. Several clinics offer day time hours.

  • Insurance Plans Accepted

Most insurance plans are accepted by Health Partners Urgent Care. So, call insurance company to see if you have coverage.

  • Good Facilities

Health partners Urgent Care has high quality facilities such as on-site lab, X-ray facilities, and many more. Several clinics also have an on-site pharmacy.

The Conditions Can be Handled by Health Partners Urgent Care

As mentioned before, Health Partners Urgent Care can handle minor condition. For example when your child feels unwell because of fever, you can go to Health Partners Urgent Care. Or if you get minor sport injury, you can also visit Health Partner Urgent Care. But if the disease or condition is life threatening condition, you have to call 911 or go to hospital.

Here are some conditions can be handled by Health Partners Urgent Care:

  • Earaches, sore throats and minor ailments for adults and children.
  • Foreign object in eye, red eyes or pink eyes
  • Sinus infection and cough
  • Simple fractures, strains and sprains
  • Vaginitis
  • Infection on urinary tract
  • Animal bites or insect bites
  • Simple skin infections and minor burn
  • Cuts requiring stitches.

Serious conditions can’t be handled by Health Partners Urgent Care. So, you can call 911 to get intensive care. Some serious conditions are shortness of breath, serious bleeding, serious cuts, chest pain, and serious allergic reaction. So, you have to know the type of your condition. If you feel that the condition is minor condition, you can visit Health Partners Urgent Care as soon as possible.


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