For A Healthier Body, Do This Treatment for Diabetes at Home

Treatment for Diabetes at Home

Treatment for Diabetes at Home

Diabetes or high blood sugar is one of the most common diseases faced by people around the world. In 2014, as published by the WHO, 8.5% of adults in the world suffer the disease. The risk of diabetes increases over the years to the extent the WHO predicts diabetes becomes world’s seventh-leading cause of deaths by 2030.

Chronic diabetes becomes life-threatening without proper treatment. To avoid this, always do this treatment for diabetes at home.

1.Healthy diet

The diet for people with diabetes must be low sugar and carbohydrate but is rich in other nutrients. The diabetes-friendly menu includes any kind of beans, potato, fatless meats, green vegetables, low sugar fruits, and low-mercury fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. The foods are better cooked without oil by boiling or grilling.

Moreover, the portion and schedule of the diet is an important part of treatment for diabetes at home. Rather than eating much, it’s better to eat less but more often. You can have three to five small portions of meal a day. Always make sure the last time you eat at the day is at least three hours before going to bed.

2.Foot treatment

For people with diabetes, foot treatment is always important. Feet are usually one of the first parts of the body which caught by peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes. To prevent this, always make sure you clean your feet with gentle soaps and dry them with a towel. Pay attention to the area between your toes. Do a feet massage as a part of treatment for diabetes because it stimulates your nerve.

Do the pedicure carefully so that the process won’t hurt your feet. Always make sure to wear shoes when you go out and slippers when you’re at home to prevent anything from hurting your feet.

3.Insulin shot

If the diabetes patients must take insulin shot as the treatment for diabetes, there is no need to come to the doctor whenever it’s the injection time. You can do it yourself at home. Prepare the insulin supplies and inject it into your arm using a syringe. Make sure you’ve asked your doctor how to do it properly.


To help the blood circulates well on your body, exercise is necessary. There are many types of exercise you can try, from a quick workout and fast-paced walking to yoga and tai chi.

The exercise is needed because it will strengthen your body muscles so that it leads to higher sugar uptake by the muscle cells. When the sugar uptake is higher, the sugar left on your blood becomes lower.

5.First aid and emergency preparedness

If you accidentally hurt yourself and bleed, don’t panic. Get your first aid kit and clean your wounds. Call the doctor after that because people with diabetes sometimes have a problem with blood coagulation.

When people with diabetes experience hypoglycemia—a condition when the blood sugar suddenly drops—call the emergency number. If they’re still conscious, give them sugar while waiting for medics. Always make sure to do this treatment for diabetes during an emergency.



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