Here are Some Incredible Benefits of Drinking Waters for Our Health, Beauty and Hair

Drinking water

Drinking water

Water is an essential unsure for our body. For about 50% – 70% our mass is consisted of water, included skin, tissues, cells and the whole organs. That is why; drinking water is also important. There are some benefits that we can get by drinking enough water every day. One of those benefits is avoiding dehydration. Besides that, there are also many other incredible benefits of water that we can get for our health, beauty and hair. Below are the further explanations.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Our Beauty

The first thing that we want to share is about the benefit of drinking water for our beauty / skin. Below are some of those benefits:

  1. Water is important to keep our skin moisture and it can give the important nutrition for the skin’s cells
  2. Water is the most perfect substitute for all expensive anti aging treatments
  3. Drinking enough water can avoid some skin problems like wrinkles, eczema and psoriasis.

Those are some importance of water for our skin and beauty. There are also many other benefits that we can get.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Our Hair

  1. Water is the natural ingredient for supporting the vitamin consumption and it will help the efficient and healthy hair growth
  2. Our hair wills growth healthily in an environment with good humidity and water is the best agent to heal that thirst. The same thing is also happened on our skin. Dehydration will give direct impact for our hair.
  3. Water will give energy to our nerve hair to give natural vitality for the skin and hair’s root.
  4. Drinking water will help to avoid some problems like dandruffs.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Our Health

Besides good for hair and skin, drinking enough water will give some incredible for our health as well. Below are those benefits:

  1. It will keep us away from lack of fluid. Our body consists of 60% water. That is why; it is really important to keep enough liquid input for our body. Liquid that is consisted from water will help the digestion system, blood circulation, absorbance, saliva production and transportation of nutrition to the whole part of our body.
  2. Water will also help our body to have the best function. Our brain consists of 90% water. That is why; if our body was lacked of water, our brain will stop its works and it can cause some further problems like migraine and headache because of the dehydration.
  3. Water can keep our temperature to always in its normal value.
  4. Water can keep the health of our muscles
  5. Water will protect our digestion system in the normal system. It is because water can keep the kidney to work normally. Lack of water will cause constipation. That is why; the best solution of constipation is drinking more water.
  6. Water can help the weight management, etc.

Those are some incredible benefits of drinking water. It is really essential to aware about the importance of drinking enough water so that we can stay healthy and protect from any kinds of health problem.


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