The Highest Salaries of Health Infomation Management

Health Information Management Salary

Health Information Management Salary

Health Information Management (HIM) is an information management applied to the health care. It is a practice of analyzing, obtaining, and protecting digital and paper based information of medical to give a quality to the patient care. With the health records computerization which has developed, the paper based records are now replaced with electronic health records (EHRs). Now, the tools of health informatics and technology has improved to be more effecient in the management of information. In addition, the Health Information Management Salary also has risen up since the HIM is now massively needed.

On the other hand, health information management professionals have a big role in doing the job. They plan information systems, develop health policy, identify the current and the future medical information needs. Besides, the health information management professionals also ensure the patient’s health information and records are secured, accurate, and complete. In addition, they also serve in connecting clinical, operational, and administrative. After knowing some information about HIM, we are now going to share you the salary of health information management jobs.

Chief Technology Office

The chief technology officer has a role to supervise strategic steps and decisions which are related to the all information systems technology in an organization. This covers choosing, buying, developing, and maintaining all the software and hardware. The chief technology officer directly carries out the duty with internal staffs and external partners to complete these tasks.

This job has average salary from $85,000 – $257,000 per year.

Chief Clinical Information Officer

The Chief clinical information officer has a role to advise the use of information technology in the clinical setting and handle the technology integration with the medical and clinical practice. Besides, the chief clinical information officer also teachs other about how to utilize the electronic health records.

This job has average salary from $87,000 – $248,000 per year.

Vice President of Information Technology

The vice president of information technology has a role to set the whole of an organization IT strategy. This includes its implementation of electronic health records and other technologies to assist the daily operations. The VPIT particularly reports all of the tasks to the president or CEO of the organization.

This job has average salary from $91,000 – $180,000 per year.

Chief Compliance Officer

The chief compliance officer has responsibility to ensure organization-wide reconciliation with concern on compliant coding and billing. Besides, the chief compliance officer coordinates internal reports to make sure the compliance. In addition, the standards of conduct are also developed as well as compliance procedures and policies by the chief compliance officer.

This job has average salary from $80,000 – $200,000 per year.

Director of Clinical Informatics

The director of clinical informatics carries the job closely with the chief clinical information officer, and hospital leaders to assure a good transfer of the electronic health records. As an operational director, they also authorize EHR to assist specific patient care, educate and train staff, make policies and procedures, analyze business needs, and coordinate the projects which relate to electronic health records. As the one of highest Health Management Information Salary, the director of clinical informatics also has a role to manage the hospital.

This job has average salary from $61,000 – $120,000.


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