The Kids Health Insurance Program

Kids health insurance

Kids health insurance

The Child Health Insurance Program or CHIP is a program from government to ensure your kids’ health insurance. If you apply the insurance and qualified, you won’t have to buy an insurance plan for your kids. Check your state’s’ requirements before applying the CHIP program and don’t worry because the program is pretty similar with the state’s’ Medicaid program.

Ways to apply for CHIP

You can apply for the CHIP and Medicaid program anytime through the year and there is no limited enrollment period for those programs. You can start immediately if you are qualified to get the programs. You can call the numbers 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325), or you can fill out a registration form from the Health Insurance Marketplace. Your information will be sent to the state’s’ agency if any of your household member qualified for either Medicaid or CHIP. When submitting your application in the Marketplace, you will have a chance to be qualified for an individual insurance plan. The plan’s saving will be based on your income.

What CHIP covers for your kids?

A lot of people compared CHIP with Medicaid program, but you actually don’t have to since those two programs are very similar. Of course you have to know what the CHIP can do with your children’s health. You need to remember that each state hold different rules, but all states will provide comprehensive coverage such as:

  1. Routine check-ups
  2. Immunizations
  3. Doctor visits
  4. Prescriptions
  5. Dental and vision care
  6. Inpatient and outpatient
  7. Laboratory and x-ray services
  8. Emergency services

Those are the basic coverage which can be found in every states across the country. You don’t have to worry about your children’s health if they are qualified for the CHIP program because it will greatly reduce the cost when taking one of the mentioned above. There is more coverage given by each state so you need to check what will your state’s offer regarding the CHIP.

The cost of CHIP

Cost is the most important thing in this program, since there are a lot of people who have limited money and wanted their children to stay healthy as much as possible. For routine check-up and dental visit, the CHIP will free you from any cost, but not all of them are free, so you should check your state’s’ regulation regarding that matter. For CHIP coverage, some states will have you to pay monthly premium and the amount of it is usually not more than 5% of your annual salary. Once again, each states hold different rule so make sure that you already check the requirements and regulation of the states where you are living.

After knowing how to get CHIP, what it can offers, and the cost of it, you should think about applying one for your children’s health. Ensuring them to be healthy is a must for every parents in this world. CHIP is a great kids health insurance program that will greatly help you in case you have a very limited number of money to register for a normal insurance plan.


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