How to Meditate at Home: 7 Tips for Beginners

How to Meditate at Home

How to Meditate at Home

Meditation is one ofthe ways to make your life happier. Through meditation, you can fight against stress and insomnia. It’s because meditation canput your mind at peace and make your body healthier.You can do meditation session at home even if you’re a beginner. Here are seven steps how to meditate at home for beginners.

1. Meditate regularly every morning

Do meditation right after you wake upwhen your mind hasn’t been distracted by your daily lives. Do it regularly so that it forms a good habit of doing a meditation every morning.

Psychologically, meditation in the morning will help you to release your worry and stress in welcoming a new day. You can also plan everything you want to do that day after mediation.

2. Avoid distraction

When you meditate at a specific place for meditation, it’s very likely that the environment is very quiet. Even if there is a sound, that must come from a part of the meditation supports such as meditation music.

A quiet environment is also necessary when you meditate at home. Avoid any distraction; turn off your TV and radio. Meditate in the morning before you can hear the bustling sounds from your neighborhood.

3. Start with a warm up

How to meditate at home in a right way? Start with a warm up. Without warming up, your body will easily feel numb during the meditation. A warm up is then needed to prepare your body to do meditation posture. Don’t do the warm up too long because it will make your body tired instead of fresh.

4. Sit in a comfortable posture

Straighten your back and tilt your head a little bit to make it as if you look downward. It’s very important because feeling uncomfortable will make it hard for you to concentrate.

To make you feel more comfortable, sit on a meditation cushion and wear comfortable clothes. Don’t wear tight clothes but the loose and breathable ones.

5. Set your time

When you have sat in a comfortable posture and been ready to start, set your meditation time by turning on an alarm. A beginner usually starts from 3 to 5-minutes session. When you have got more experience, you can do a longer session up to half or an hour.

6. Focus on your breathing

The key on how to meditate at home is the same as anywhere else in term of focusing on your breathing. It’s the key of meditation. Inhale the air slowly and deeply, then exhale. Close your mouth; the breathing must be fully done through your nose.

Feel how your breath is in line with your heart rhythm. Ignore all thoughts from the outside world, concentrate your mind fully on the breathing. Do this until the time is up.

7. Be patient with the result

Be patient and don’t rush yourself to see the result from your meditation. Don’t give up if you haven’t felt an immediate result. Instead, you should enjoy every session. Do it regularly until naturally, you feel its effect on your mind and body.

That’s seven steps of how to meditate at home for beginners you should know.


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