Having Problem with Acne ? Below are the Best Treatment for Acne that You can Try Every Night

best treatment for acne

best treatment for acne

Acne is a kind of skin problems that happened in most people. Acne is usually appeared in our face and having too much acne can decrease our confident. That is why; it is really important to keep the health of our skin by doing some treatments. How about the best treatment for acne ? There are some simple treatments that you can do every night just like what we will describe below.

1. Clean your face before going to sleep

Wash your face is the first activity that you can do. This step will remove the dust and dirt. You can use facial wash for this step and please ensure that you choose the right facial wash based on your face skin’s condition. Before starting to wash your face, make sure that your hand is clean. You can wash your hand first by using the antiseptic soap to prevent the germ from your hand to the acne.

2. Applying the light mask for face

Natural mask can give some nutrition and decrease the acne. Besides buying some masks that are sold at the market, you can use some natural ingredients like fruits. It is because fruits contain a lot of mineral and vitamins like Vitamin A, C and E. Some kinds of fruits that can be used are lemon, cucumber and carrot. Mash those fruits and apply it in your face, especially at your acne.

3. Clean the rest of your make-up.

Cleaning our face with facial wash is also the best treatment for acne, but you just recommend using facial wash not more than twice a day. It is important to protect our face kin PH. If you had already used facial wash for twice in a day, it is recommended for you to use milk cleanser and toner to clean your face at night.

4. Applying the night cream or acne cream every night

For removing your acne faster, you can use the acne cream. However, please ensure that you had already consulted with the right doctor in order to avoid the dangerous cream. The dangerous cream usually contains mercury and some other bad chemical substances. For acne problem, usually doctor will give a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide.

5. Drinking enough amount of water

The other best treatment for acne is drinking enough water. Water contains mineral and the right mineral intake will help to relieve acne and its scars. Besides that, water can throw away the toxic and bad substances. Drinking water before having a sleep will support your skin regeneration. If you get the right amount of mineral, the regeneration process will be more perfect.

6. Applying moisturizing cream before sleeping

Applying the moisturizing cream for you with acne problem is really essential. However, make sure that you choose the cream that based on water. Usually, this kind of moisturizing cream is safe enough for every types of skin face whether it is oily, dry or full of acnes. This is also the best treatment for acne.


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