Taking Cholesterol Medications, Is It Safe?


High cholesterol is definitely unhealthy as it might result in numerous health problems like heart attack, arterial diseases, stroke, diabetes, and much more. Apart from living a healthy life, people usually take cholesterol medications in order to lower cholesterol level. However, not all people like the second option due to possible side effects. Just because the drugs have some downfalls, doesn’t mean they are bad. In fact, they have benefits as well. Not to mention they are able lower cholesterol significantly. The result varies though among patients as it depends on health condemns and compatibility.

Medical cholesterol

Medical cholesterol

Side Effects Are Real !

The next information is that many options of cholesterol medications are available out there. Perhaps the most famous ones are statins including Lipitor, Lescol, Crestor, Zocor, and many others. Their prime benefits are to decrease LDL level and improve HDL (healthy cholesterol). Even though their efficacy is good, some possible side effects are also available including nausea, constipation, cramps, weakness, soreness, and pain. These downfalls might occur in some people but not in others. Once again, it depends on one’s condition. Have no worries. The doctor would tell patients whether the drugs are good for them or not.

The best way to avoid side effects of any cholesterol medications is to listen to doctor’s opinion. Also, patients need to learn some guidelines related to the medication. The experts would recommend the medication to some people, though. Who are they? These include people having the age more than 40 years who have LDL level of about 75-190 mg/dL. Next, the drugs are recommended for those who have a history of heart attack or other cardiovascular problems including a stroke.

Always be Considerate When Taking the Drugs

What about young people? Are they allowed to take the medications? The fact is that youngsters are prone to high cholesterol as well. Those with high LDL level (above 190 mg/dL should consider taking statins in order to lower it. Even though the doctor may recommend the patients to take the drugs, the medications are not everyone. In fact, not all people like having to take cholesterol medications. On the other hand, they choose herbal approaches in order to lower high cholesterol. Exercising is considered a good option, too.

In a nutshell, cholesterol medications are not for everyone due to possible side effects that may occur in many people. Apart from that, there is the risk of birth defects when pregnant women undergo statins therapy during pregnancy period. Due to these side effects, patients need to think twice before taking the drugs. For those who have decided to get the drugs should pay attention to some tips to avoid the downsides of the medications.

The most important thing to pay attention when undergoing statins therapy is related to the diet. Here is the fact. The medications may decrease LDL level well. However, it doesn’t work magically and help you to lose weight. For the best result, patients need to eat only healthy foods and exercising too. This way, cholesterol medications can work more efficiently without causing any side effects.


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