Treatment for Diabetes is better to be done at Home ? Find the Reasons and Answers Here

Treatment for Diabetes

Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that needs an extra attention and continuous treatment. Treatment for diabetes is simple and easy and in fact this treatment can be done by other family members at home. The most challenging thing on this treatment is that the long time range. That is why; it is needed great discipline from both, the patient and nurses. Diabetic patient is considered as normal if the blood sugar level is around 70 – 110 mg/dl before eating and 120 mg/dl 2 hours after eating.

Generally, treatment for diabetic patient consists of several things such as:

1. Dietary Program

This diet program is different with that which is for them who want to lose some weights. Diet program for diabetic patient focus more on sugar diet. Diabetic patient has to eat the proper foods and basically there are also some other foods that are not recommended to be consumed. Some foods that are forbidden for the diabetic patient are noodle, rice, bread, fruits, fatty foods and junk foods. Meanwhile, some foods that are recommended for diabetic patient are spinach, dark chocolate, almond, nuts, olive oil, fish, blueberry, garlic, onion, oatmeal, tomatoes and many more.

2. Regular Consumption of Diabetes Drugs

Consuming diabetes drugs regularly is also an essential treatment for diabetes. Diabetic patient has to consume the diabetes drug regularly with the right dosage that is recommended by doctor. That is why; diabetic patient needs the right mentor to give support and act as a reminder. For this case, the family member can be the right mentor for the diabetic patient.

3. Check the Sugar Level Regularly

Besides two treatments above, checking the sugar level regularly is also important. The best tome for monitoring the sugar level is at the morning before a diabetic patient had a breakfast and at the evening before the dinner time. The expected sugar level is around 70 – 120 mg/dl.

4. Prevent the Symptoms of Complications

Diabetic patient tend to often get injured and it is difficult to recover. If we were not monitoring that thing, it can be worse and sometimes amputation is done during the treatment. However, there are many things that we can do to prevent the symptoms of complications during the treatment for diabetes such as:

  • Applying the un-allergic lotion
  • Make sure to cut your nails regularly and be careful in cutting the nails in order to prevent the injury.
  • If it is injured, make sure to take care of it and consult with your doctor.
  • Applying the healthy life style and don’t forget to have the regular exercise.

Regular exercise is highly recommended for the diabetic patient. Exercise can be a good treatment to control the level of blood sugar level. Some kinds of exercise that are perfect for diabetic patient are aerobic, cycling or swimming. Usually, the diabetic patient will only need 30-40 minutes of exercising in an exercise. It will be better if the diabetic patients have high motivation for exercising from themselves. In this case, the other family member can become a mentor for always giving a motivation for patient to exercise and it can be a great treatment for diabetes.


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